Answer the universal call to holiness.


Spiritual Transformation helps you to build an intentional and fruitful daily prayer life. Develop the habit of divine intimacy through regular, guided prayer ultimately resulting in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Daily Reflections

Our daily reflections will help you to develop the habit of divine intimacy through prayer. Your daily reflection will be sent to you every morning setting up for the day.


Get together with a group of friends and make the commitment to pray everyday using our daily reflections. By journeying together you are more likely to stay the course. 

About Us

Spiritual Transformation was created by Fr Sean Maguire with the aim of helping Catholics to become “spiritually fit” by developing a balanced life of prayer and healthy living.


Our Lenten Series

Join the thousands of people across Ireland who are transforming their lives everyday with our daily Lenten reflections sent straight to your inbox.


Periods of renewal in the Church are also intense moments of catechesis.

— Catechism of the Catholic Church


Equip Yourself

At times, the road ahead may seem tough but it is at these times that we must turn towards the Lord for strength. Use these guides and prayers to help you on your journey to sainthood.