Examination of Conscience

The following questions are to help us reflect upon what we need mercy for.

About God
Do I turn to God only in my need?
Do I attend Mass on Sunday and holy days of obligation?
Do I begin and end the day with prayer?
Have I taken the name of God, the Blessed Virgin, or the saints in vain?
Have I been ashamed to say that I am a Christian?
What am I doing to grow spiritually?
How do I grow spiritually? When?
Do I resist God’s will? Do I insist that he does things my way?

About my neighbour
Do I know how to forgive, share with and help my neighbour?
Have I slandered, stolen from or scorned the poor and defenceless?
Am I envious, hot-tempered or prejudiced?
Do I care for the poor and the sick?
Am I honest and fair with everyone, or do I foster a “throwaway culture”?
Have I led others to do evil?
Do I observe the marriage and family morality taught in the Gospel?
How do I fulfil my responsibility for my children’s education?
Do I honour and respect my parents?
Have I rejected a newly conceived life?
Do I respect the environment?
Do I respect my neighbours property?

About myself
Am I a believer who is somewhat worldly and only somewhat believing?
Do I overindulge in eating, drinking, smoking, or being entertained?
Am I overly concerned about my physical well-being and my possessions?
How do I use my time?
Am I lazy?
Do I desire to be served?
Do I love and safeguard purity in my heart, thoughts and deeds?
Do I plot vengeance or harbor resentments?
Am I gentle and humble? A peacemaker?

Now we will examine ourselves about the concrete actions that mercy requires and by which we will be judged: The following questions come from the document Misericordiae Vultus:

Have I given food to the hungry and drink to the thirsty?
Have I welcomed the stranger and clothed the naked?
Have I set aside time and had the courage to visit the sick and the imprisoned?
Have I helped anyone be released from doubts that make him or her fearful and that are often the source of loneliness?
Have I supported the education of others, especially the young?
Have I instructed those who are far from God about the need for conversion?
Have I been a neighbour to someone who is lonely and afflicted?
Have I forgiven those who offend me and resisted every kind of resentment and hate?
Have I been patient with others based on the example of God who is so patient with us?
Have I commended my brothers and sisters to prayer.

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